In 2013, a project was started in Africa. Through Firewall Project Africa, thousands of men and women have been (and are being) equipped to impact their communities and God's kingdom by sharing God's grace and love. After three years of rapid growth, in the summer of 2016, it became evident that the project was bigger than just one continent. It was GLOBAL.


Our Mission

A variety of organizations came together to create Global Fire Advance. As members of the body of Christ, we desire to see the body grow throughout the world. 

We are a small group, but we know that by equipping men and women in nations all around the globe we will have a big impact on the kingdom.

This project focuses on providing training and support to local leaders so they are better equipped to evangelize, disciple, plant new churches, and develop young leaders.


What We've Done So Far

  • Church planting training is currently being conducted in over 48 countries in Africa
  • Training has been started in Central America
  • Training has been started in Asia and more locations will be added in summer 2017
  • Training has launched in South America and more locations will be added in fall 2017
  • North America now has training underway and churches being planted
  • More than 5,000 men and women are being trained in Africa, a number that is growing every month
  • Leaders in Asia are reaching people groups that have, until now, been untouched by the Gospel
  • Central American leaders are not only using these evangelism tools in the streets of their cities, but they're taking the Word to prisons as well
  • Right now we have more training locations than we have trainers or materials translated!